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The Netherland

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My name is Rina Kromhout van der Meer and I live in the Netherlands, in Almere. It is situated in the province Flevoland. I am living here with my husband Henk, my son Robin and our little girl Sanne...

Our cattery and cats are CFA registered.

In 1987, I start with breeding Himalayans, and I liked to go to the shows very much, loving my cats and enjoying all with other breeders. In 1996 there where personal circomstances why I had to stop breeding. Though, all the time there still where one or two cats in our house. Sometimes I visited catshows. On these shows I saw the exotics, and, I liked them very much. I told my husband: When I ever start breeding cats again, it MUST be exotics...

In the beginning of 2004, my dreams came true... Our first exotic arrived in our home and she gave us so much joy! I do love the tabby's, and the tabby's with white very much.

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                                           Rina & Henk



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